Small Talk

Hello all

Thanks for popping by.

Welcome to our tiny world.

Originally tucked away in our little pantry back home in England – The smalls and I decided to head out on a veggie adventure.

So in 2016 the pantry went portable, as we headed off around the world.

And what an adventure it has been…

Kyle has gone from cheating on his 25m badge to swimming under smoothie waterfalls.
Mary has climbed to the top of mount mango – still rocking her yellow cardy/trouser combo. And Bob even decided to invest in his first t-shirt (even though he is still adamant that swim shorts alone are acceptable for all social occasions).

Together the smalls have conquered sandwich towers, eaten their way out of spaghetti tangles and braved nana nice cream whirlpools.

You name it. They’ve done it… Or eaten it.

Now as ‘blabber mouth’ Bob needed an outlet for all of his veggie knowledge – we decided to start this blog.

So I am passing over the reigns to the little veggie monsters.
I apologise for any inappropriate vegetable puns, profanity or scenes of nudity.
Some smalls tend to be more vocal than others…

From the wise words of Bob –
“You really can be smaller than a grape and still create change…
Except Jimmy. No one listen to Jimmy.”
(Jimmy ate Bob’s bagel 2 years ago and they haven’t spoken since)

Here goes…



2015-06-18 04.33.16 1009535210525517587_2106582008
Meet – Bob

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